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At Orlovskaya Neftebaza we offer - Reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts, multiple payment methods - all this greatly simplifies the process. However, problems may arise in delivery of petrolem products.

The products are flammable, so it requires special transportation vehicles and skilled drivers who know how to follow all safety rules in transportation.

This is why delivery is such an important service.

Orlovskaya Neftebaza offers you not just to buy petroleum products in bulk, we deliver to the desired fuel address. Command our delivery drivers are only high-level professionals.

Our company is focusing on recruiting. We accept only drivers with experience of not less than 5 years, specially trained under the program "Transport of dangerous goods."

Regular checking and improving their skills, make work more smooth and efficient.

At Orlovskaya Neftebaza we ensure the use of modern equipment, fleet and the constant introduction of new technologies - this is the priority aspects of our logistics. Our transportation fleet includes 420 cars equipped with the latest technology in compliance with all standards.

Upon delivery of the fuel we use vehicles equipped with pumping units, through which the discharge process as fast as possible.

Delivery of fuel carried in railway tankers. During loading of a tanker the tanker is sealed in order to avoid cases of unauthorized fuel discharges.