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OAO "Gazprom gazenergoset" - a company - a specialized operator OAO "Gazprom" on sales of petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and sulfur. Currently JSC "Gazprom Gazenergoset" - the largest supplier of LPG for domestic and industrial sectors, and and for consumption as motor fuel. In 2009, the share of "Gazenergoset" of the total supply of LPG to the commercial sector of the domestic market of the Russian Federation amounted to about 30%. Currently, the structure of the implementation of products has grown substantially the share of oil and it is more than 60% of revenue due to the sale of petroleum products. In 2009, the share of OAO "Gazprom gazenergoset" of the total sales of petroleum products in the Russian Federation amounted to 4.35%. «Bashneft" - in 1944 at Tuimazinsky field was discovered Devonian oil. This event radically changed the fate of Bashkir oil, is now the main task was to find oil in the Devonian. In 1946 was created the "Bashneft". The company develops more than 170 fields and has significant oil reserves (310 million tons at the beginning of 2008). Refineries "Bashneft" - one of the most advanced country in terms of technical equipment, processing depth and quality of oil products.

PSC "TAIF-NK" , uniting the largest refinery in Tatarstan, the production of motor gasoline and processing plant gas condensate - a key element of the Group's oil and gas processing activities TAIF. The company manufactures 97% of petroleum products and the republic is one of the largest companies in the region to provide resources petrochemical plants TAIF Group, located in the Republic of Tatarstan.

JSC "Magnatek" Ryazan Oil Refining Company (Republican People's Party) - the largest processing company TNK-BP. RNPK produces a wide range of high-quality petroleum products: motor gasoline AI 80, AI 92, AI 95, AI 98, diesel fuel, including low sulfur standards Euro 4 and Euro-5, jet fuel, fuel oil, road and construction asphalts, lubricating oils and other petroleum products. Processing capacity - 17 million tons of oil per year. In 2008, the Republican People's Party started to produce diesel engines Euro 5 with a sulfur content of 0.001%.

Moscow Fuel Association (MTA) - a non-profit organization (until November 1997 - the Association to support independent stations), formed in June 1994 by a group of independent operators in the emerging Moscow fuel market. As of 01.01.2010, the composition of the AIT includes 34 organizations representing the interests of the largest participants in the petroleum products market in Moscow and control more than 400 gas stations, providing up to 60% of the city's needs in motor fuels.

Moscow Interregional Oil Union (MMNS) - a non-profit organization, was founded in 1996 and brings together more than 60 companies working in the oil products and gas supply companies and the Moscow Region. MMNS was created to protect the interests of the Union, their technical, economic integration, as well as the interaction of small and medium-sized businesses with vertically integrated companies and public authorities in the creation of a civilized market of petroleum products suburbs. MMNS actively involved in the development program of the Government fueling station near Moscow.