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Our company Orlovskaya Neftebaza cares about that its clients and ensures that they receive only the best. We do our best to have the quality of petroleum products supplied to a high level.

This is possible only in the event of regularly monitor and product testing.

Therefore we on a permanent basis working with major domestic and foreign laboratories, which can quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary procedures.

Among these laboratories include:

  • - International independent laboratory Saybolt;
  • - JSC "Institute of Nefte Produkti";
  • - Federal Institution "25 State Research Institute Chemmotology Russian Ministry of Defense."

These institutions are exploring the main indicators of petroleum products and issue certificates of quality. Qualified laboratory staff working on international standards, using only the most modern equipment.

All this ensures the highest accuracy of research, and therefore confirms the excellent quality of oil products. Thanks to the cooperation with these laboratories, only petrol GOST goes on sale.

Our customers can be confident that all the offered products undergo rigorous control of quality . Performed by Orlovskaya Tank Farm Laboratory, which correspond to all standards and regulations.