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Quality in every drop

We strictly monitors the quality of fuel, at all Stages of transportation to our storage facilities, and provides a reliable and secure storage of fuel, which is a reliable guarantor and a sign of trust.

Ease method of payment

Our company has developed a flexible system of payment regardless of the services reqired and the quantity of production storage in request. Thanks to this system you will be able to save and have confidence in the services being rendered to you as we allow you to track your expenses ans services.


Company "Оrlovskaya Neftebaza" with a broad customer base, cooperating with more than one hundred companies nationwide, which means the trust and stability in our storage services.


We see our mission in shaping the customer needs to create exceptionally high quality storage facilities and high-level services. Respecting the establishment of legal and moral, we will quickly and efficiently perform our job - meeting the needs of society for energy.

Petroleum Products

Our Company Orlovskaya Neftebaza, works with many Russian manufacturers and we own direct contracts that allows us trouble-free to provide storage in the desired volume and range of products available.
Калькулятор доставки


At Orlovskaya Neftebaza we offer - Reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts, multiple payment methods - all this greatly simplifies the process.


Our company Orlovskaya Neftebaza cares about that its clients and ensures that they receive only the best. We do our best to confirm the quality of petroleum products stored in our facilities.

Over 17 years, we provide a variety of activities in the oil market. Over the years we have gained experience and knowledge necessary to work perfectly. The priority areas of the company is the storage of light products, sales, and transportation to the consumer. Here you can store your purchased petrol and diesel on favorable terms.

Orlovskaya Neftebaza faithfully fulfilles its obligations to partners and customers that the company has established while mainatining our reputation as a reliable storage facility and partner.

The main competitive advantage Orlovskaya Neftebaza is a team of professionals with extensive experience in the oil market. We accept only products with qualified quality in GOST Standards. To achieve this, the purchase is made only from reliable suppliers and then tested extensively in laboratories. Determining factor for us is the development of ability to create and implement new technologies. Purchase of diesel and fuel oil for heating homes .

For our clients, we try to create the most favorable conditions to buy diesel in bulk was simple and easy. There are several options: For legal entities: Fuel purchased will be delivered to you specified coordinates with quality assurance. In addition, it is possible to rent out the fuel tank farm, if you have this option is more convenient.

Individuals we offer to purchase diesel fuel in our company for heating houses. Payment can be made either by wire transfer (by mail) and cash. In this case, we also carried out the delivery of fuel to the consumer. Thus, Orlovskaya Neftebaza - it's not just selling high-quality products, but also the delivery of fuel to a professional transport company.